JSU Code of Conduct

Jackson State University

Principles for Collegiate
Code of Conduct

Respect and embrace the principles of academic honesty.

Embrace an academic philosophy for positive progress toward competency in goals, critical and logical thinking and a commitment to excellence.

Class Attendance
Participate actively in classroom and othe learning environments and commit to becoming a lifelong learner.

Celebrate the similarities and differences in our cultures, races and ethnic origins.

Encourgage open communication and expression which is guided by respect for others

Understand that sexual or social harassment will not be tolerated.
Always dress for success.

Discourage the use of profanity and offensive actions out of respect for others.

Accept personal responsibility for ones’s action and life choices and realize that embracing negative elements of an unhealthy lifestyle will interfere with success.

Engage in civic opportunities to share knowledge and skills with local, national and world Communities.

Embrace and respect tradition by participating in rituals and observances, especially those that contribute to the history and the heritage of the University.
Respect others by using cell phones and other electronic devices only in appropriate settings.

Stay focused on your purpose for being at the University.

Be Alert to threats to safety and security and inform appropriate authorities of such situations

Respect the freedom of others to express themselves in matters relating to academic and philosophical opinions.

Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs (601)979-2244