Residence Hall License Agreement

It is important that you read the Residence Hall License Agreement thoroughly before signing the agreement. After signing the agreement return the white and yellow copies to the Housing Office before the residence hall opens for the semester.

Keep the pink copy for your records. You will need to use the pink copy of the License Agreement to obtain your post office box, to eat in the cafeteria until your ID is activated and to purchase a  residential student parking decal for your car if applicable.

Students will be locked into the contract on the first day of class.  Please note, on the first day of class, you are legally obligated to pay the entire housing fee. Students who check into the residence hall after the first day of class will be automatically locked into the contract.

Never move off campus without properly checking out of the residence hall. Failure to properly check out of the residence will result in additional fees assessed to your business office account.

Proper procedure to withdraw from the residence hall:

  • Contact your Community Director and let he or she know you plan to move off campus. They will give you the Residence Hall Release Form to fill out.
  • Fill the form out completely.
  • Remove all of your personal belongings and clean your side of the room or the entire room if you are living in a single room. Contact the residence hall staff so that they may check your room to avoid additional charges.
  • Return your key. If you live in residence halls that use your JSU I.D. the card will be deactivated.
  • You may bring the Residence Hall Release Form to the Housing Office or the Community Director will submit the form for you. Check your P.A.W.S account to confirm that the charges have been removed.

Note: Failure to check out properly and clean your room will result in a disciplinary fine.