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THD Self-Service Room Change Process

Room Change Process

Students who wish to change rooms will be allowed to do so during a pre-determined timeframe. There is typically limited availability for room changes. All available rooms are offered on a first come, first serve basis. 


You must be an accepted full-time student (enrolled in 12 or more credits ) or be a full-time graduate student to receive an offer of housing. Graduate status is verified through the Graduate School.

Students who have completed the steps below are eligible to submit a room change request:

  • Students who have paid the $75 non-refundable room reservation fee or the $100 non-refundable housing application fee.
  • Students who have completed the housing application.
  • Students who have selected a room.


Rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please check your JSU email frequently for important housing information. 

How to Complete the Room Change Process

Both new and returning students will access the new housing application by following the steps below:

1. Visit your JSU PAWS account and select "Enter Secure Area."

2. Enter your J# (ex. J00000000) and Pin #, which is defaulted as your birthdate (ex. 010118).

3. Select the "Student" tab at the top of page. Then, select the "Housing" link.

4. After selecting the "Housing" link, you will select, "THD: JSU Housing Self-Service."

5. After selecting "THD: JSU Housing Self-Service," you will be directed to the THD Housing Self-Service Portal

    where you will need to enter your login information.

6. Your login information will be as follows: 

     Username: one\J# (ex. one\J00000000)

     Password: NetID (Must set-up in your PAWS account)

7. You will be directed to your own personal Student Housing Portal. Once there, you will select "Room Selection,"

    then select "Select a Room or Suite." 

8. You will be directed to select the selection process you would like to participate in based on the description, and select "Submit."

9. After clicking "Submit," you will select "Find Available Rooms" to view all available rooms.

10. You will be then directed to select a room from the list of available rooms. After selecting your new room choice, you will be asked to confirm your choice.

11. Your final step will be confirming your room selection. 

*Please note that only the rooms that are available will be shown in the list of available rooms. If you do not wish to change your room after viewing the available rooms, please do not cancel your assignment. 

If you need assistance in completing your application, please contact us at 601-979-2326.