Professional Development Training Library


The Division of Human Resources maintains a Staff Development Training Library of books, and video tapes which address business and wellness related topics. These materials are available to be borrowed by Jackson State University employees for a two-week period. They may be obtained by contacting Rod Denne- Staff Development Training Manager at (601)979-1355 or email at


       Training & Workshop 

How to Supervise People

Supervising For Quality- Study Guide

Resolving Conflict in the Workplace- Study Guide

The Team Approach- Study Guide

Doing a Performance Review

Performance Appraisals: Getting Results- Study Guide

Sexual Harassment: An Investigation Guide

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Health Related:

The Drug-Free Workplace

Stress Management

Recognizing Chemical Dependency

Violence in the Workplace

Skill Development:

Telephone Customer Service

Telephone Skills At Work

Winning Customer Loyalty-Eliminate Customer Turnoffs- (2 sets)

Wining Customer Loyalty- Exceed Customer Expectations

Communication Skills That Build Winning Relationships





Attitude- Your Most Priceless Possession

Effective Performance Appraisals



For more information, please contact:

Staff Development and Training Administrator
Professional Development Center
Telephone: (601) 979- 1355
Fax: (601) 979-1744