Types of Professional Development Programs


Growth and development is an ongoing process for all levels of the University employees. The Professional Development workshops are designed to assist Jackson State University staff employees build valuable work skills and improve individual performance by increasing knowledge and enhancing productivity.


Management Development offers management development and leadership training through seminars, conferences and e-learning platforms. It develops management into leaders by improving the interpersonal skills and enabling them to collaborate and accelerate change with employees. These workshops provide Jackson State University managers the fundamental skills needed to effectively manage the selection, development, and retention of University employees.


The Office of Information Management (OIM) provides workshops to all employees with the fundamental skills to use desktop applications in the workplace. The Technology department applies and enhances technical excellence, professional knowledge and skills that develop effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace. The training center offers computer skilled classes for all University employees at no cost to the participant. For more information about the scheduled courses go to the technology website:


Jackson Sate University offers a full range of on-site training services to departments and employees. The Professional Development Center can customize the delivery of any training program to accommodate and meet specific unit needs by developing case studies, role plays, and simulations based on goals specific to the organization. The advantages of a customized on-site training for department and units are:

  • It is more efficient and cost-effective to conduct on site for groups.
  • Instructors can devote more time to discussing specific issues.
  • Employees can train as a team, gaining a shared perspective and common skills.

University Operations – Workshops and Training

Customer Service Skills

Communication Skills

Stress Management

Drug-Free Workplace

Understanding the Power of PAWS

Traveling with JSU

Online Requisition Processing

Time Management

Understanding & Managing the Budget

Team Building

Employee and Consultant Forms Processing

Legal Issues for Managers

Sexual Harassment

Cultural Diversity

Performance Appraisals

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