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Welcome to IMTrans


In August 2005, President Bush signed the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU). With his signature, funding was authorized to create a University Transportation Center at Jackson State University.


Established in 2006, the Institute for Multimodal Transportation(IMTrans) at JSU is created under SAFETEA-LU. The theme of IMTrans is managing metropolitan mobility, with a long-term objective to establish a national resource for multidisciplinary research and education. Every year, IMTrans is invited by MDOT to co-sponsor the state's annual public transportation summit. During the past years, IMTrans has co-funded and conducted two research projects titled," Stateof-Practice Approaches and Technologies for Inventory Data Collection of Mississipi's Public Road System", and "Emergency Evacuation Study for the Greater Jackson Area". Furthermore, four TRB papers and three journal articles based on IMTrans research were accepted for publication.