Transportation Research and Education Enhancement Program through Graduate Student Support at JSU

December 13th, 2012 by webmaster

The overall goal of the research and education enhancement program is to increase the number of talented graduate students at J.S.U completing degrees in civil engineering who have demonstrated interest in the transportation field.

The objectives are to:

  • Enhance Research Capability of the Department in the Transportation field
  • Increase number of well educated, research oriented, and skilled employees in transportation areas
  • Enhance educational opportunity for students in the transportation areas
  • Increase student retention

The proposed plan will include: identifying one student annually for four years from the pool of students in civil engineering with interest in transportation fields, awarding them a graduate assistantship, and providing the requisite student support services and infrastructure to improve retention, facilitate their graduation for further study or professional employment. The student will provide a report at the end of his/her assignment. It is expected that one assistantship will be awarded each year.

Dr. Farshad Amini, P.E., Professor & Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Jackson State University

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