Transportation Workshops for Teachers (TWT)

December 13th, 2012 by webmaster

P.I.: Dr. Pamela Heard
Director JSU/NASA Educator Resource Center
Jackson State University

The emphasis on student achievement has place accountability on teacher education programs to produce highly qualified teacher education candidates. As states try to raise the quality of teachers, they must also deal with the fact that qualified teachers are becoming harder to find. Because all of today’s teachers are expected to retire in the next ten years, there are less qualified and licensed science, mathematics, and technology teachers. It is even more difficult to recruit these teachers. The need for programs like the JSU Transportation Workshops for Teachers ( TWT) program is to help with engaging students in math and science so they will be prepared and excited about teaching our next generation of students. This program will engage teachers on how to use data to support instructional decisions.
The TWT proposes to serve pre-service and in-service teachers from Mississippi and
surrounding areas. Teachers will have an opportunity to explore new and innovation teaching methods, ideas, hand-on activities and materials they can use in their classroom to support their science, math, technology, social studies, and reading curriculum. These education workshops will address the managing metropolitan mobility.
The primary goal is to: improve the in-service and pre-service training of mathematics and science teachers by implementing a rigorous preparation program designed specifically to meet the needs of K-12 teachers.

1. The overall focus and primary goal of the Transportation Workshop for Teachers is to improve students’ performance in mathematics, science, and technology.
2. Introduce students to the missions of future endeavors
3. Encourage the participation of teachers to involve students in hand-on activities
4. Motivate and engage students, in activities that will expose them to areas that support the needs of managing metropolitan mobility and the broader engineering community
5. Engage students in activities that help prepare students for highly successful careers in

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