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Educational Luncheon


The curriculum content is covered through presentations, group discussions, follow-up activities, and assignments. Presentations serve to provide literary and factual information. Tours help the students gain a better focus on transportation as a subject. Students will also be exposed to activities that help improve STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) capabilities, study habits, time management, standardized test preparation strategies, and computer and personality development skills. Lastly, mini workshops are conducted to accentuate the relevance of STEM.

MSTI field trips complement classroom activities by offering students hands-on experience through lab experiments and demonstrations as well as first hand on-site presentations by transportation experts in various fields.


Ready to Learn


The enhancement program provides a number of college preparatory activities designed to expose students to college and career planning. Among others, students’ computer safety and usage knowledge, communication skills, resumé building skills, and SAT/ACT preparation are enhanced.

Sports and recreation programs are designed to build self-discipline and sportsmanship—skills needed to deal with everyday challenges—and healthy competitive attitude among participants.