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Enhancement of JSU Transportation Engineering Program Through Financial Assistantships to Students

Duration: Apr ’07 – June ’10

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Jackson State University will award a scholarship in each of the next four years to a student based on academic potential or ability, interest in transportation engineering, and professionalism. Data will be collected so that a comparison can be made between the patterns of further study and professional employment for IMTrans-JSU-CIV students and non-scholarship students.

This project will identify one or two students in civil engineering with interest in transportation fields who meet the eligibility requirements. The overall goal of the IMTrans-JSU-CIV Scholarship Program is to increase the number of talented undergraduates or graduate students at JSU completing degrees in civil engineering who have demonstrated interest in transportation engineering. The objectives are:

      •  Increase number of well educated and skilled employees in transportation areas,
      •  Enhance educational opportunities in the transportation areas,
      •  Increase students retention.

Dr. Farshad Amini, P.E., Professor & Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Jackson State University