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Advisory Board

The advisory Board meets regularly to discuss programmatic activities of IMTrans. They identify opportunities and challenges facing the transportation community and share innovative ideas to combat these challenges. The Advisory Board also makes recommendations for future IMTrans activities.

Dr. Imad Aleithawe,  P.E., CPM,  M. ASCE
Research Administration Engineer
Research Division
Mississippi Department Of Transportation
MSU Graduate Adjunct Faculty Member
Office: 601-359-7645
IPhone: 601-946-7066
Fax: 601-359-7634
Email: <>

Dr. Kenneth Ned Mitchell
Research Civil Engineer
US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory
3909 Halls Ferry Rd.
Vicksburg, MS 39180
O: (601)-634-2022
BB:  (601)-529-9005
Email: <>

Cynthia  ("Cindy") J. Smith, P.E.
Assistant State Research Engineer
Mississippi Dept. of Transportation
Research Division 86-01
PO Box 1850
Jackson, MS  39215-1850
Phone: 601-359-7648
Cell: 601-946-7734
Fax: 601-359-7634
Email: <>

James C. Watkins, P.E.
State Research Engineer
Mississippi Department of Transportation
PO Box 1850
Jackson, MS  39215-1850
Phone: 601-359-7650
Fax: 601-359-7634
Email: <>