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Director’s Message

A Message from the Director

The Institute for Multimodal Transportation (IMTrans) at JSU is one of the Title III University Transportation Centers (UTC), which are supported by the Research & Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT). The major objective of IMTrans is to develop innovative programs in transportation education and research to serve the special needs of the state of Mississippi and our community. IMTrans serves the community through transportation education, research, and technology transfer.

The initiatives sparked by educational activities help primary, middle and high school students to see the transportation field as an exciting personal opportunity and encourage these students to pursue academic programs, especially in the sciences and mathematics, which will prepare them for professional careers. Transportation education not only prepares students at the undergraduate level but it also encourages undergraduate students to seek Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in transportation.

IMTrans currently supports several educational programs aimed at recruiting best students for transportation related majors in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Public Policy, Urban and Regional Planning, and the College of Business.

The dissemination of knowledge embodied in the education and training programs is supported and enhanced by correlated programs of research, both basic and applied. The research theme of IMTrans is to improve urban mobility. We are researching the use of available transportation modes and technologies to serve the needs of the most urbanized areas in Mississippi. These technologies include public transit systems, multimodal transportation network rerouting and detouring, intelligent transportation systems, traffic corridor signal coordination, and safe and efficient operations and management of transportation infrastructures.

Sustained institutional support, both within the university and from various other funding partners, has made possible the creation of extensive technology transfer programs, insuring that the knowledge created by research is effectively disseminated to those agencies and individuals who are charged with developing, operating, and maintaining our transportation system in Mississippi.

Through the collaboration with state and local transportation agencies and private companies, especially the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the City of Jackson, IMTrans is promoting transportation education programs, supporting transportation research, and implementing technology transfer to the transportation community.

– Dr.Feng Wang