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Active Research

Performance Evaluation of the Transit System in MS

Mobile Intelligent Highway Reporting System (MIHRS) 

Overcoming Barriers to Public Transportation in Mississippi – A Pilot Study for Jackson Metropolitan Area

Mississippi Summer Transportation Institute

State-of-Practice Approaches and Technologies for Inventory Data Collection of Mississippi’s Public Road System

Cost-Effectiveness Study of the Pavement Warranty Program in Mississippi

Simulation Study of Emergency Evacuation of MS 50 Miles around Grand Gulf and River Bend Nuclear Power Plants due to a Nuclear Accident

Development of New Distress Thresholds for MDOT’s Maintained Pavement Projects


Complete Research

Measuring the Efficiency of Public Transportation Using Data Envelopment Analysis: Evidence from Jackson Mississippi

Innovative Green Highway Construction Rating System in Mississippi

Coordination of IVI and Transit Signal Priority and Transit Evacuations

Driver Distraction Survey Study

Phase I of Roadmap towards Incorporating Intelligent Structure Technology for Refining Bridge Inspection in Mississippi

Risk Assessment, Identification, and Notification (RAIN) System: A GIS based tool for Construction Maintenance, Condition Assessment, Pavement Management and Transportation Safety

Simulation Study of Impact of Evacuating Traffic on En-Route Metropolitan Highway Network

Smart-Structure Technology Application for Health Monitoring of Transportation Infrastructure

Structural Damage Identification Using Wavelet Packet Analysis

Tiger Transit System

Investigation of Strategies for Emergency Evacuation on a Metropolitan Freeway Network in Mississippi

Innovative Vegetated High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat for Levee Protection

Mudbug Pioneer” The Concrete Canoe for 2010

Optimum Transit Operations During the Emergency Evacuations