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Driver Distraction Survey Study

Dr. Melvin Davis, MS Urban Research Ctr, Jackson State University

As cell phones and other mobile consumer electronics have become more commonly used in daily life, it is important that senior transportation and elected officials, safety advocates, law enforcement representatives, academics and other leaders come together to discuss the growing safety impacts of distracted driving and share strategies for effectively addressing it. The number of fatal crashes involving text messaging behind the wheel has called attention to a 21st century problem – the substantial ramifications of mobile device use and other distractions in transportation. Dr. Melvin Davis from the Mississippi Urban Research Centeralong with his team are working together to find ways to prevent distracted driving from becoming a deadly epidemic on our roads and transportation systems. A telephone survey was conducted in Hinds, Madison and Rankin counties on driver distraction and its implications for driver safety. The Mississippi Urban Research Center (MURC), an entity of Jackson State University (JSU), uses multidisciplinary approaches and diverse research methods to provide a structure and setting for conducting research, analyzing public policies and managing research data. It serves as a clearinghouse for dissemination of research data on pressing urban life issues in the areas of health, crime and violence, alcohol and other drug abuse, urban education and urban policy.