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“Mudbug Pioneer” The Concrete Canoe for 2010

Opportunities for Research Experience

Duration: June 2009 – April 2010

IMTrans launched its Opportunities for Research Experience (ORE) program with a call for applications in the spring of 2009. The objectives of the program are to:

  • Expand opportunities for a more active form of learning by students,
  • Encourage the interaction of undergraduate students with faculty,
  • Expand the level of research activity at Jackson State,
  • Help recruit superior students into our graduate program,
  • Demonstrate that teaching and research are compatible and mutually reinforcing.

The following research/education projects were approved for funding:

“MudBug Pioneer” The Concrete Canoe for 2010

A five person team from the American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) Student Chapter at Jackson State University (JSU-ASCE) is participating in the ASCE regional concrete canoe competition to be held at the University of New-Orleans on March 28, 2010. To successfully compete in this competition, the concrete canoe team must have to construct a concrete canoe from scratch which must have the dimensions and properties in compliance with the standards set by the ASCE. Also, the constructed canoe must pass the floatation test and rupture test in order to fully qualify for the event.
The five-person Concrete Canoe team is made up of Valentina Prado, George Herring, IV, DeAnna Dixon, Abenezer Nida and Nathan Kebede. The team leader is Valentina Prado. She is responsible for managing the overall project and coordinating with other team members to accomplish tasks and deadlines. The other members of the team have the responsibility to conduct literature review and determine materials needed for the project as well as reasonable methods of stress analysis for the canoe.

Click here for Final Report

Students: Nathan Kebede, Bryan Herring, DeAnna Dixon, Valentina Prado and Abenezer Nida
Dr. Himangshu Das and Dr. Wei Zheng, Faculty Research Advisors
American Society of Civil Engineers JSU Chapter
Jackson State University.