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Phase I of Roadmap towards Incorporating Intelligent Structure Technology for Refining Bridge Inspection in Mississippi

Dr. Wei Zheng, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Jackson State University

Implementation of intelligent transportation system is an interdisciplinary research frontier for managing transportation system and securing its safety operation. The goal of the proposed project is to supplement effort for research and education in this frontier at JSU; and to enhance JSU ability for seeking funds from National Science Foundation and MDOT to support these effects. The proposed project is the Phase I of a roadmap towards developing and transferring smart damage diagnosis technologies for assessing bridge conditions and supporting decision-making for bridge maintenance in Mississippi.

The strategies for achieving those goals are to:

  • supplement ongoing NSF funded interdisciplinary collaborative education in Intelligent Structure Technology (IST)
    with relevant authentic research;
  • import external expertise for enhancing research and education in IST at JSU through recruiting research
    associates (or postdoctoral personnel) and establishing external advisory panel composing leading researchers, bridge
    professionals, and sensing technology manufacturers;
  • form a multidisciplinary team of faculty, research associates, and students to conduct the proposed research; and
  • publish/present findings in technical journal and to MDOT professionals, and develop research initiatives for
    further external funding.

Expected outcomes are engaging more students, faculty and professionals pursuing research and application of IST, and laying of the technical foundation and professional preparation for implementation of IST to improve current bridge inspection and enhance transportation safety in Mississippi. The proposed project is built on the proposer’s successful effort to secure funding from NSF related to IST education and extensive multi-disciplinary collaboration within and out of JSU. It has high potential to achieve the expected outcomes.