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Risk Assessment, Identification, and Notification (RAIN) System

A GIS based tool for Construction Maintenance, Condition Assessment, Pavement Management and Transportation Safety

To identify high-risk transportation areas and disseminate notification messages to vehicles approaching these zones a Risk Assessment, Identification, and Notification (RAIN) System was developed. In 2008, researchers developed a small, lightweight, easily deployable wireless traffic density counter to capture data and to aid in the management of traffic flow. This system will be integrated with the ongoing development of a transportation information system that will provide a means of monitoring major transportation corridors and secondary routes. The implementation of this system may provide new opportunities for roadway monitoring and may serve as a foundation of an extensive traffic surveillance system.Researchers at CDID also initiated a supplemental research focusing on the development of an integrated protocol for vehicular ad hoc networks to propagate risk notification messages. Vehicular Ad hoc Networks

(VANETs) are one of the most promising application areas of Mobile Ad hoc Networks and enable vehicles to receive and relay messages through wireless networks. These announcements can provide drivers with timely and essential information regarding traffic volume, collision warnings, congestion, road flooding, bridge closures, and evacuation notifications that will help drivers avoid high risk areas.

Dr. Skelton discusses research results with computer engineering

Developing an integrated traffic information system provides a viable set of tools that can
be applied to a number of different application areas including traffic monitoring, vehicle tracking, HazMat response, route planning, capacity planning, incident management, and emergency vehicle access.These novel data acquisition and risk notification tools may provide a new approach for transportation personnel to monitor the activities on our nation’s roadway network.

Final Report for Risk Assessment, Identification and Notification System