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Tiger Transit System

The research project focused upon developing a transit system between Jackson State University’s four campuses JSU Main Campus, the Mississippi e-Center, the Jackson Medical Mall and the Universities Center and also considered the planning and policy implications for the extension of such a system to the greater Jackson Metropolitan area.

The researchers gathered data on previous transit systems operated by Jackson State University and created a survey to indicate the need for a transit system targeting faculty, staff, administrators, and students that will focus on dependency, effects and results of the JSU and JATRAN transit systems. The researchers also examined the transit systems of the other four-year institutions of higher learning across the southern region of the United States. These examinations were to produce insight of how other four-year institutions created, conducted, maintained and funded their systems. The collected data allowed the researchers to determine the need, functionality and financial constraints of operating a transit system between the four campuses of JSU. Based on the collected data, the researchers would then design and layout possible routes, time schedules and budgetary needs for a transit system entitled: Tiger Transit System (T.T.S.) that would best suit the needs of the transportation community in and around the campuses of Jackson State University.

Final Report for Tiger Transit System

Students: Ms. Stephanie Wade & Mr. Jimmy Farmer
Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning
Jackson State University.