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IMTrans Co-sponsors Annual Statewide Coordination Summit Hosted by the Mississippi Department of Transportation

Ms. Laurette Thuisseu, Mr. Mahesh Nayak, Mrs. Imelda Simeon at the MDOT Summit

The Third Annual Statewide Transportation Summit was held on the 18th and 19th of February 2009 at The Jackson Convention Complex in Jackson, MS. It was jointly sponsored by the Mississippi Dept of Transportation, Mississippi Dept of Human Services, Mississippi Public Transit Association, Mississippi Development Authority, Mississippi Primary HealthCare Association, Community Transportation Association,Mississippi Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities, Mississippi Association of Community Action Agencies and Jackson State University (IMTrans, Center for Technology Transfer and Department of Urban and Regional Planning).

Participants from the various sponsoring groups, advocacy groups and transit providers attended the twoday summit. Commissioners Wayne Brown, Dick Hall, Bill Manor, Public Transit Director Charles R. Carr, Public Transit Division Staff and Executive Director Larry Brown addressed the attendees.

Ms. Laurette Thuisseu, Mr. Mahesh Nayak, Mrs. Imelda Simeon at the MDOT Summit


The highlights of the summit were the numerous discussion sessions, Q&A sessions, and the progress reports. Real-life issues were given to groups of attendees who had to then solve them and present a workgroup report. Mr. Edward Collins, Director of National Center for Biodefense Communications and Interim Co-Director of IMTrans, moderated a session. He explains “The focus
group meeting was comprised of a sampling of industry professionals, in a diverse population. A funding challenge that seemed elementary on the surface proved to catalyze a robust and thoughtful discussion not unlike those filling the halls of the state’s Department of Transportation on a daily basis. It was a worthwhile effort in that it exposed all to the depth and breadth of problems plaguing our system.”