Academic IT Listservs

AIT provides support for four (4) instructional technology Listservs: Blackboard, iTunesU, OIM-AIT-Faculty, and iPad_discussion. The purpose of the Listserv is to provide a means for online faculty and faculty who have an interest in topics such as: online teaching, technology education, technology in the classroom, instructional technology and other related topics to share information, resources, and related information. JSU faculty and staff may subcrible to a Listserv by clicking on the email links below. Enter the following information in the subject and body of the email:

  • Subject– Type the word "Subscribe"
  • Body– Type the word Subscribe, "Name of Listserv" (Example "subscribe Blackboard), Yourfirstname, Yourlastname, and your J#. Then Press Send.
  • AIT Listserv will get the email and add you as a member.


AIT Listservers Include:

Blackboard Listserv

OIM-AIT Faculty Listserv


iTunesU Listserv