What is Self-Service Banner (SSB)?

Self-Service Banner allows individuals to access information through JSU PAWS on their own.  All students and employees are given self-service Banner accounts.  

  • A Student self-service account is given to each student automatically after admission.  The account can be used to register for classes, check grades, and verify records. 
  • An Employee self-service account is given to each employee by Human Resources when they create their employee record.  The account can be used to view and change the employee's personal, pay, and leave information.  
  • Faculty/Advisors may obtain access to specific forms in the Banner Student module based on their job responsibilities by contacting the Registrat at            (601)  979-2300      .  If you are not responsible for advising student, please do not request this type of access. 
  • Employees responsible for financial and budgeting data may obtain access to specific forms in the Banner Finance module by contacting the Office of Financical Services at             (601)  979-2215      

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