JSU Business Process Voice Services Repairs

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Business Process Name

Voice Services (Webtask Request: Repair (Telephone/Fax Lines))

Who Performs/Owner

Voice Services/ Office of Computing & Communications


-Receiving Webtask Request.

Business Objectives

-To solve the Webtask Request in a timely and efficient manner.

-To complete the Webtask Request within three (3) business days.  If not,

then Voice Services will keep the requester up-to-date of the status until

the request has been completed.

Inputs/Data entered/How and who initiates?

-Assigned Personnel.

-Voice Services Manager.

-Assigned Voice Technician.


Outputs/Information or Reports generated

Webtask Request is viewable for the Assigned Voice Technician.

Prep Needed before completing task/What has to be done prior to performing the business process?

-Contact requester for availability.

-Gathering of, if applicable, tools/resources (hardware/software).

Process begins/

What is the starting point?

Webtask Request submitted.

Process ends/ What is the ending point?

Completion comments from the Assigned Voice Technician.

Affected Offices



-7 days a week.

-24 hours a day.

Steps in Completing the Business Process

1.    Assigned Personnel Logs into Webtask.

2.    Assigned Personnel checks to make sure that all required[1]

        information is in the request.

a.    If all required information is in the request, then

        i.    Assigned Personnel assigns request to the Voice

              Services Manager.

b.    If all required information is NOT in the request, then:

      i.    Assigned personnel contacts requester and collect

             all required information and input it into the comment


      ii.    Repeat steps 2.a.i.

3.    Voice Services Manager assigns request to appropriate Voice

          Technician or to him/herself.

4.    Assigned Voice Technician views his/her request.

5.    Assigned Voice Technician makes contact with the requester for


6.    Assigned Voice Technician, if applicable, gathers tools/resources

         (hardware/software) that he/she needs to solve the request.

7.    After assigned Voice Technician has completed the request,

        he/she comments that request has been done.

8.    Assigned Voice Technician sends to “Pending Review” status.

9.    Assigned Personnel closes the request out and change the

        status to “Finalize”.

Note: Some request (software issues/request), the Voice Service

Manager has to assist the Voice Service Technician and/or

resolve the request.

Timeline/Dates tasks performed

-Contact made in the first 24 hours of time request was created.

-Daily-7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Issues or questions to resolve


-Generate a signature sheet[2] for requester.

Improvements to be made

-Accurate requester’s information that is currently in Webtask.

-Make the things in the footnote be required fields when the end-user

submits Webtask Requests.

Things needed from the system (Reports)



[1] Required = Telephone/Fax Number with an Issue/Request, Building, Floor, Room/Office Number, Department Name, Owner of the Telephone with an Issue/Request, and/or Contact person with an email address and telephone number.


[2] Signature Sheet= Verification that when OCC’s Voice Services finished the request that everything is working and the request was solved.

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