Policy Approval

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The Department of Computing and Communications Procedure for Policy Approval
Dr. Carrie Kirkland, Manager of Active Directory Services


The procedure for each sub-unit policy is as follows:

1.   Submit to Dr. Carrie Kirkland via email. (carrie.a.kirkland@jsums.edu)

2.   She will revise and make any recommendations/suggestions to each perspective unit and forward to Managers.

3.   Unit will meet with Dr. Carrie Kirkland on assigned date to discuss recommendations/suggestions.

4.   Unit and Dr. Carrie Kirkland will meet with the Director, Dr. Michael Robinson.

5.   Once approved by Dr. Michael Robinson, it will go up the chain of authority.

6.   Once approved by other respective authorities, then Dr. Michael Robinson, Dr. Carrie Kirkland, and unit will meet with General Council.

7.   Once approved by General Council, it is ready for publication either via web or hard copy.


 Created January 18, 2008

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