Institute of Government

Institute of Government

The Institute of Government at Jackson State University is an affiliated program through the College of Public Service that advances small to mid-size urban regions through problem solving and opportunities for growth, development and community sustainability. Housed on JSU’s main campus close to city, state and federal offices in the capital city, the Institute is JSU’s public service center.

Designated a “high research” university by the Carnegie Foundation, JSU is well positioned to offer both intellectual and technical expertise in translating such research into practical application.

Although the Institute, like other institutes nationwide, is structured in a traditional manner, its fluid and innovative approach to sharing resources and expertise is anything but “old school.”

We are deep into in a political era defined by unfunded mandates and dwindling financial resources. Set against the backdrop of an increasingly vocal citizenry, notably driven by social media, comes enormous pressure to deliver goods and services effectively, efficiently and with transparency.

It is our hope that the Institute of Government — as a clearinghouse and program innovator —helps each one of you do just that.

The Institute is committed to “Helping Leaders Serve their Communities.”