Center for Public Management and Leadership

  PML is recognized by the State Personnel Board to award Educational Benchmarks upon completion for state agency employees training and incentives.

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“C E R T I F I C A T E     P R O G R A M”

Director, Dr. Otha Burton, Jr.


Eddie Jean Carr, Hinds County Circuit Clerk

Marilyn Hetrick, retired Human Resource Manager, City of Jackson

Harvey Johnson, Jr., Distinguished Local Government Elected Official

Sharolyn Miller, Chief Financial Officer, Jackson Public Schools

Gwendolyn Prater, Ph.D.,  Dean Emeritus, Jackson State University, College of Public Service

Will Simpson, Attorney, Policy Advisor and Counsel, Governor’s Office

Terry Wallace, Assistant District Attorney (Dist 22)


The JSU Center for Public Management and Leadership – PML Center–in the Institute of Government recognizes that a critical and necessary focus is needed on the “importance and readiness” of middle-management and lower-level supervisors in achieving the success of an organization.

Research and observation suggest that there is an under-readiness within middle and lower-level administrative personnel, especially in understanding its organization’s purpose, mission, duty and accountability, and management responsibility.

The PML Center acknowledges the need to better prepare personnel in middle and lower-level leadership roles to help insure the success of the organization, and in particular public organizations.

The PML Center is an affiliate operation and function of the Institute of Government (IOG) at Jackson State University (JSU). 


· Applicants for admission and selection are eligible if they are currently employed in a government or public/non profit agency in a middle management or lower-level administrative position or are aspiring to move into such positions.

· The Certificate Program in PML is a three-month, non-academic intensive program representing 45 contact hours of instruction.

· Core subjects are offered in fall and spring sessions

·  Core subjects areas cover key professional development topics. 

· Five (5) core subject topics offered in each  session and are designed to fit the cohort profile

· One (1) subject is offered over a 3 week period for a total of 9 contact hours.

· Each session totals 16 weeks—15 weeks of 5 core subjects and 1 week of assessment.

· Applicant costs—$2,500 for admittance, 5 core subject areas, and all instructional materials.  *Agency sponsorship encouraged or individual installment option available


♦ State and Local  Government  Finance and Budgeting

♦ Human Resource Management

♦ Policy Development, Implementation, Accountability, and Evaluation   

♦ Government Structure, Function, and Operation

♦ Ethics and Legal Frameworks of Public Service Organizations

♦ Conflict Resolution

♦ Effective Supervision and Leadership    

♦ General Public Management Issues


The Center for Public Management and Leardership Certificate Program Application form (click below).  Please fill in and return via  email to:

The Spring 2018 session begins  February (TBA).

Core subjects will be taught evenings, weekends, or a combination thereof.

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