Institute Associates

The Institute will contract with faculty, University centers/institutes, consultants, and scholars-in-residence to conduct assessment needs of potential clients, facilitate forums and seminars, engage students in urban issues, and produce semi-annual and annual reports on the work and progress that has been accomplished.

Jackson State University Personnel
Dr. Brian Anderson, Social Work
Mr. Jason Brookins, Economic Development
Mr. Rod Denne, Personnel/HR
Dr. Johnny Gilleylen, Public Policy/Administration
Dr. Kimberly Hilliard, Community Development
Ms. Lisa Johnson, Image/Public Relations
Dr. Shonda Lawrence, Social Work
Dr. Robert Luckett, Historic Preservation
Dr. Etta Morgan, Sociology
Dr. D'Andra Orey, Political Science
Dr. Ingrad Smith, Ed. Leadership
Dr. Mary White, Business Development
Dr. Pao-Chiang Yuan, Industrial Technology

External Consultants
Dr. Cindy Ayers-Elliott, Policy Analyst
Mr. Thelman Boyd, Public Works
Ms. Eddie Jean Carr, Legislative/Records Management
Mr. Herman Cooper, Eng/Public Works
Mr. Marshand Crisler, Legislative
Ms. Donna Echols, Legislative Policy
Attorney Tony R. Gaylor, Legal
Ms. Marilyn Hetrick, HR/Personnel
Mr. Bennie Hopkins, Planning and Development
Ms. Catherine Lee, Urban Planning/IGR
Ms. Sharloyn Miller, School Budgeting
Attorney Jim Mozingo, Legal
Dr. Brian Pugh, Fiscal Policy
Attorney Will Simpson, Legal
Ms. Linda Taylor, Public Budgeting
Dr. George Terry, HR/Personnel
Dr. Marvel Turner, Fiscal Analysis
Attorney Terry Wallace, Legal