Advance urban small to mid-size regions through innovative approaches that address public challenges and provide corresponding opportunities for problem solving, growth and development, and sustainability of communities.

Provide leadership development, research, consulting, and training aimed at assisting urban regions and public service organizations in delivering effective and efficient services that meet constituent needs and enhance stability, growth, and sustainability of their communities.  The Institute provides synergy through which the University’s faculty, researchers, centers, technology, facilities, external partners, and resources in general can be channeled to meet the leadership and service delivery needs of its clients and customers.

The focus of the Institute of Government at Jackson State University serves and assists small-to-mid-size urban and regional communities.  Within the State of Mississippi, those urban regions will primarily include: the five-county Jackson Metropolitan Statistical Area, in addition to Warren and Yazoo Counties; the Biloxi and Gulfport Metropolitan Statistical Area; the Hattiesburg Metropolitan Statistical Area; and the Desoto County (Memphis, Mississippi, Arkansas) Metropolitan Statistical Area. Practice and possibilities will be bridged through conferences; hands-on service, training and assistance; research and policy analysis by scholars and consultants that will be released through published reports, forums, and updates; student enrichment and outreach; and opportunities for University academic units to provide certificate program awards and intensive semester training and academic sessions to public officials and public sector employees for specialized, on-demand course subject matter.