Institute of Government


Clients and customers of the Institute will primarily include, but are not necessarily limited to: state elected and administrative officials and legislators, municipal mayors, boards of aldermen, city councilpersons, and department heads, county boards of supervisors and county administrators, public school boards of trustees, superintendents and district administrators, regional and special use district administrators, and public non-profit organizations administrators.

Who can benefit?
• State elected and administrative officials, legislators, municipal mayors, boards of aldermen and city councilpersons, department heads
county board of supervisors and
county administrators
•  School boards, superintendents, administrators and educators
•  Regional and special use district administrators; nonprofit administrators; urban planners, policymakers, service providers, private sector managers; community leaders

How does it work?
Our permanent staff is small, but our reach is significant, as we draw on Jackson State University resources and contracted external experts. Fees are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the complexity of the service.

Two presentation avenues are available:
•  Tailored, on-site if desired
•  General topics, applicable to a
broad audience
A wide-range of research-related services also are available.

Why choose us?
•  Quality trainers
•  Reputable research capabilities
•  Competitive, fee-based schedule
•  Logistical management