Executive Summaries/Reports

Training -Leadership-March 31, 2014, City of Vicksburg

click here - Upper Management Leadership and Staff Development Session_Assessment and Recommendation Report for City Of Vicksburg
Moderators: Institute Associates, Ms. Marilyn Hetrick, Mr. Herman Cooper, and Dr. Cindy Ayers-Elliott

IOG Consultant Services Agreement with Jackson Public School District  –  Executive Summary

click here - IOG Agreement with the Jackson Public School District to Help Strengthen Governmental Relations and Public Affairs during the 2014 MS Legislation Session

Institute Associate, Donna Echols, MPPA, January through March 2014

Research and Public Forum:  "Mississippi Castle Doctrine and Open Carry Gun Laws"

click here - IOG-Executive Summary-Attorneys Jim Mozingo and Terry Wallace-January 2014

SUMMIT - Newly elected African-American Mayors from Central Mississippi Municipalities — September 26, 2013

click here - IOG Executive Summaries – Mayors Summit September 2013 – Two Sessions

Research Design Forum for Evidence Based Decision Making — September 30, 2013

click here - IOG Executive Summary – Dr. Gilleylen September 2013