The JSU Polling Center


Jackson State University Polling Center in the Institute of Government is primarily focused on advancing academic research, data gathering, and fact finding on urban public opinion involving social and political issues, attitudes, and trends in the State of Mississippi, the southern region of the United States, and nationally that impact public policy and decision making and an improved quality of life.  This will be longitudinal, archived data.  The Center also is available to engage in client driven demand and analysis that is closely aligned to its principal mission.  Through any of its research, the Center will be a neutral source of data and analysis and will not advance or promote political positions.


Oversight Committee

Chair, Dr. Ingrad Smith,  Associate Dean, College of Education & Human Development


Dr. Johnny Gilleylen, Chair, Public Policy and Administration Department

Dr. Etta Morgan, Chair, Sociology/Criminal Justice Department

Dr. Mohammad Shabazi, Professor, Department of Public Health

Dr. Brian Anderson, Professor, School of Social Work

Dr. Melvin Davis, Director, Mississippi Urban Research Center

Dr. Kimberly Hilliard, Executive Director, Community Engagement

Dr. Robert E. Luckett, Director, Margaret Walker Center

Dr. Wilbur Walters, Department of Civil Engineering


Summer Poll 2017

On Awareness of Social/market research

On Preferred venues for Participation

On Value and importance of Research

On credibility of research types and sponsors

On participation in research and polling

On College selection criteria

JSU IOG Summer 2017 Poll Report

JSU IOG Summer 2017 Poll_

CrossiesWordJSU IOG Summer 2017 Polling Instrument

JSU IOG_2017_Summer_Old Confederate States data

JSU IOG_Summer2017 Poll_Composite


Presidential 2016 Election – A JSU on campus survey


      View RESULTS HERE 


Winter 2017 Polling Documents

Research Topics covering:  Finding Common Ground, Our Anxieties, and Finding Pride and Quality of Life

JSU Winter 2016-2017 Report

JSU Winter 2017 Poll Survey Document

JSU Winter 2016-2017 News Release Drafts



JSU Winter 2017_CrossiesWord

Fall 2016 Polling Documents

Research Topics Covering:  2016 Presidential Election

JSU Fall 2016 Report

Survey Document JSU Fall 2016 Poll

JSU Fall 2016 News Releases

Confederate State Compsite Fall 2016

National Composite Fall 2016

Fall Crossies

Spring 2016 Polling Documents

Research Topics: On Religious Divide, On Religious Freedom Laws, On Religious Liberty/Bathroom Laws; On Donald Trump and Religious Freedom Laws; and On College Affordability

JSU Spring 2016 Report

JSU Spring 2016 Poll Instrument

JSU Spring 2016 Crosstabulations

JSU Spring 2016 National Composite

JSU Spring 2016 News Releases

Winter 2016 Polling Documents:

Research Topics: On the 2016 Election; On American Liberties/Protection; and On a Climate of Fear

Polling Center JSU Winter 2016 Report

JSU Winter 2016 Poll survey

JSU Winter Q1_2016 Crosstab

JSU_Winter Q1_2016_National_Composite

Polling Center JSU Winter 2016 National News Release

Polling Center Winter 2016 Southern States News Releases

Fall 2015 Polling Documents:

Research Topics:  On the 2016 Election; On Law Enforcement and Gun Controls; and On the Illusion of Privacy

JSU Fall 2015 Report

JSU Crossies Word

Spring 2015 Poll Documents:

Research Topics:  The Nation’s Direction; The Illusion of Privacy; and Women in Public Sector Leadership Roles

JSU Spring 2015 Report

Poll Press Release Spring 2015

Poll Spring 2015 Crosstabulations

Poll  Spring 2015 JSU_Q1_National_Composite

Summer 2014 Poll Documents:

Research Topics: Law Enforcement, Gun control/ownership; and Identification

IOG_The JSU Polling Center Report Statements

National Poll Report for IOG Sept 2014

JSUQ3 Crossies-Sept 2014 Poll


IOG_The JSU Polling Center_Survey Sept 2014

Fall 2014 Poll Documents:

Research Topics:  Education Quality, Education Programs and Testing, Education fFnding; and Public Infrastructure

IOG The JSU Polling Center Report Statements

JSU Fall 2014-4 Report

JSU Crosstabulations Fall 2014

JSU_MS_Composite Fall 2014

JSU_National_Composite Fall 2014

JSU Polling Survey Fall 2014