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Session begins – February (tba) at the 101 W. Capital Street, JSU Downtown location, on the second floor, room 212

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Next Event scheduled in SPRING 2018.  Check back for further information.


Previous Events

March 31, 2016 – 2 p.m. in the Student Center Theater

CARE President and CEO Dr. Helene Gayle.Official portrait as of Dec 16, 2011.Guest Speaker – Dr. Helene Gayle, M.D., M.P.H., CEO, McKinsey Social Initiative

Symposium – A Conversaton

“Closing the Gender Gap: Unleashing Social and Economic Power”






October 29, 2015

Jackson Convention Complex Theater, 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Commenorating the 30 year anniversary of a “more representative government,” the  City of Jackson 1985 election of the Mayor/Council form of government and the 1997 election of the first African-American Mayor–Harvey Johnson Jr.

IOG is collaborating with Jackson State University, Margaret Walker Center and the Center for University based Development, the City of Jackson, and the Jackson Public Schools District.

Events in April 2015

Presentation:  “A National Polling Center here at Jackson Unversity”  

Speakers:  Staff of the Institute of Government and the Polling Oversight committee members

Date:  April 10, 2015 – 2 p.m.

Location:  Margaret Walker Center, Ayer Hall, reading room

(funded in part by Title III)


    ownerSecond presentation of former Governor Haley Barbour for the IOG “Mike Espy Scholars-in-Residence Series.” 



Topic:  “The Need for a Two Party Political System in Mississippi”

Date:    April 21, 2015

Time:   1 p.m.

Location:  JSU Student Center Theater


(funded in part by Title III)


“PRIOR EVENTS” (all previous events funded in part by Title III)

Month of February 2015

Haley Barbour







Month of October  2014 

      EC Photo



Dr. Eric Clark, Executive Director of the Mississippi Community College Board, former Mississippi Secretary of State and member of Mississippi Legislature will be the guest speaker for the upcoming “Mike Espy Scholars-in-Residence Series.”


Date:    October 21, 2014

Time:   1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Location:  Dollye M.E. Robinson Building, Lecture Room 166/266

** AND **

Date:     October 28, 2014

Time:     1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Location:       Mississippi Arts Center, 2nd Floor,   

                       201 E. Pascagoula Street, Jackson


Month of August 2014 

FEMA – Continuity of Operations (COOP) Workshop

August 12, 13, and 14, 2014

Executive Advisory Board of Directors Meeting

August 7, 2014

Month of July 2014

“Retreat” structuring Institute of Government Polling Center

July 30, 2014

Month of June 2014

Mississippi Municipal League Biloxi Conference

June 25, 2014, Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Room D10, 9 a.m.

Institute Associate: Marshand K. Crisler

Presentation: “Governing Through Collaboration and Compromise: A Necessary Roadmap for Municipal for Municipal Progress”

Month of March 2014

mike espyScholar-in-Residence

Featuring Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and Mississippi 2nd District Congressman

         The Honorable Alphonso Michael Espy (Mike Espy)

Two Symposiums:

March 20, 2014  (Thursday)   1 – 3 PM

Dollye M.E. Robinson Bldg., Lecture room 166, College of Liberal Arts, JSU main campus

Topic: ~~“Political Dysfunction: Effects on Economic Trade and America’s Standing in the  World”

First lecture was well-attended with approximately 120 students, faculty, administrators, and  guests.


March 27, 2014  (Thursday)   6 – 8 PM

MPB Auditorium, Universities Center, 3825 Ridgewood Rd., Jackson

Topic: ~~“Reflections: Twenty Years a Public Servant”


Month of February 2014

February 13, 2014

JSU Campus Think Tank Spring meeting

February 5, 2014

Executive Advisory Board of Directors Spring meeting

Month of January 2014

January 29, 2014   (Public Forum)

“Mississippi’s Castle Doctrine and Open Carry Gun Laws–Public Policy, Public Opinion, and Public Accountability,” Is there a need for continuous discussion?

Research and Public Forum hosted by the Institute of Government, Jackson State University at the Student Center Theater on 2nd floor, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Conducted by Institute Associates, Attorney Terry Wallace and Attorney James Mozingo

The guest participants were business professionals, attorneys, law enforcement representatives, local, regional and state officials, educators, and JSU graduate students. The forum was well-attended by approximately 90 people from communities throughout the state.

December 2013  CONTRACTS

The City of Vicksburg, Mississippi entered into a contract with Jackson State University Institute of Government on December 9, 2013 to provide “leadership, management, and general employee enhancement support services” to its municipal work force.  The Institute of Government will provide the initial leadership training session that will focus on organizational productivity by improving management and communication skills of department heads and upper-level supervisors.  Mayor George Flaggs spearheaded negotiations with the Institute and stated that “The value of our employees is acknowledged and appreciated, and in that regard, City leaders want to assist their development and pursuit of career goals through management training and skills enhancement.” Joining Mayor Flaggs in unanimous support of the agreement were Alderman Michael Mayfield and Alderman Willis Thompson.  The initial leadership assessment will be conducted in mid-to late March 2014 in the City of Vicksburg.  Institute Associates involved in the training include Marilyn Hetrick, Herman Cooper, and Dr. Cindy Ayers Elliot.

The Jackson Public School District  Board of Trustees in Jackson, Mississippi approved an agreement on December 17, 2013 with Jackson State University Institute of Government.. The District will utilize the expertise of the Institute for professional services with regard to assisting its administrative personnel with the development of a 2014 Mississippi Legislative agenda and relative information, advancement, and to strengthen governmental relations.  The agreement commences in December 2013 and will continue through the 2014 Mississippi Legislature Session in March.  The Institute Associate assigned to this contract is Donna Echols.


November 22, 2013 (Presentation)

“Opportunities for Collaboration and Utilization of Human Capital and Resources between the Institute of Government and the College of Public Service at Jackson State University.”

Presented by the Institute of Government administrative staff, Dr. Otha Burton and Ms. Christine Nielsen at the November College of Public Service meeting in the the Dean’s lecture classroom at the Jackson Medical Mall involving the School of Policy and Planning, School of Social Work, and the School of Health Sciences.  Attendance was approximately 50.

September 30, 2013 “Data Driven Modeling for Strategic Planning and Program Evaluation,” A developing model for decision-making by Dr. Johnny Gilleylen, Institute Associate. Target Audience: Graduate Students and Faculty

Location: Jackson Medical Mall, College of Public Service, 350 W. Woodrow Wilson, Room 147, Time: 10:00 a.m. to noon –   Attendance approximately 25.

September 26, 2013 “New Mayor’s Perspective of the First 100 Days” Summit Discussion of Newly elected African American Mayors from Municipalities in Central Mississippi Sponsors: MS Legislative Black Caucus (Senator Kenny Jones) Jackson State University, Institute of Government (Dr. James Renick, Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dr. Otha Burton, Jr., Executive Director, Institute of Government) Session A: “New Mayor’s Perspective of the First 100 Days” Facilitator: Dr. D’Andra Orey, Professor, Institute Associate Session B: “Passing the Torch of Leadership-Being Prepared to Take It” Facilitator: Dr. Shonda Lawrence, Associate Professor, Institute Associate

Open to General Public and JSU campuses

Location: Dollye Robinson College of Liberal Arts, Lecture Room 166/266, 9:30 a.m., Attendance approximately 320.

“Meet and Greet Mayors” immediately following summit discussions at the JSU Student Center, Ballroom A, at 12 noon.

August 23, 2013 University Campus Think Tank

August 7, 2013  Executive Advisory Board of Directors