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Blackboard Student Orientation

First Time Distance Learning Students:

All students must complete the Blackboard Student Online Orientation prior to enrolling in their first online, hybrid, or Blackboard-enabled course.  Students will be introduced to  Blackboard components, learn how to submit assignments, take quizzes and exams, view grades, use the discussion board, send emails, and learn other elements that may assist them in completing their online course successfully.

Click here to register for the Blackboard Student Online Orientation.

Follow the instructions below to access your online/blended course in Blackboard.

NetID Instructions

A NetID is required to access Blackboard and other university computer labs.  (Please choose a NetID that you will remember and that will not be easily hacked.) You cannot proceed until this step has been completed.

Step 1.  From the JSU Home Page login to JSU P.A.W.S.

Step 2.   After you login, from the Main Menu choose Activate NetID, Change NetID Password.

Step 3. Create and confirm a new password that is at least seven (7) characters long and similar to the one of the following examples:

  • Tiger09
  • tiger@09
  • t1ger09
  • tiger09!

**Note:  Your password must include a combination of letters and numbers. It must include at least one capital letter or symbol (for example, &, * @, #).

Step 4. Accessing the Blackboard Learning Management System

To login to Blackboard, go to www.jsums.edu/ and click on Blackboard at the top of the window.

bb login










Or, click on the Blackboard link above and then click Blackboard Login.










Step 5. Enter your Username which is your J-Number (capitalize the J) and Password (enter your NetID) that you setup in Step 1 above.


bblogin screen







Step 6. Press Login.

Please note that you will see ALL enrolled courses in your account (online and traditional).

If you need further assistance with Blackboard ONLY contact JSU Blackboard Help Desk at either (601) 979- 0245.

Blackboard Technical Requirements

Here is a list of operating systems and browsers that will work with Blackboard Learn, however, we strongly recommend using Firefox browser, especially for taking tests.

Locate your browser version and operating system below – Certified is best:
Blackboard™ Learn Release 9.1 SP8 (9.1.82223.0) are tested with a variety of technologies.

  Certified: fully tested and supported.
Compatible: partially tested but should function properly.
Provisional: future technologies considered supported by Blackboard Support.
Unsupported: either impossible or not tested.

Microsoft® Windows® Operating System

  Internet Explorer® 9 Internet Explorer 8 Firefox (Final Release Channel)  Firefox 3.6  Chrome (Stable Channel) 
Windows® XP (32-bit)  Unsupported Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible
Windows Vista® (32-bit)  Certified Compatible Certified Compatible Compatible
Windows Vista (64-bit)  Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible
Windows 7 (32-bit)  Certified Compatible Certified Compatible Certified
Windows 7 (64-bit)  Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible


Apple® Mac OS® Operating System

  Safari® 5.1 Safari 5.0  Safari 4.0  Firefox (Final Release Channel)  Firefox 3.6  Chrome (Stable Channel) 
Mac OSX 10.5 "Leopard®"  Unsupported Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible
Mac OSX 10.6 "Snow Leopard®"  Compatible Certified Compatible Certified Compatible Certified
Mac OSX 10.7 "Lion®"  Compatible Unsupported Unsupported Compatible Compatible Compatible
  • Blackboard strives to make all its products as accessible as possible. JAWS for Windows 11 and 12 were used during accessibility testing.
  • Blackboard Learn requires the latest version of Sun JRE 6. The JRE can be downloaded from Java Sun website.  JRE 7 is not supported.
  • The following technologies are not supported:

    • Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7
    • Firefox 1.x, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5
    • Safari 2.0, 3.x  (or any version on Windows)
    • Mac OSX 10.4 "Tiger"
    • Java 5
  • Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9 are tested in Standards Mode. Some known issues can be resolved by using Compatibility Mode (emulates IE7 behavior).
  • Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have moved to a rapid release cycle.  At the time of testing, Chrome 16.0 and Firefox 9.0 were the latest available versions.  Since then, new stable versions may have been released and widely adopted.  Blackboard is supporting all newer stable versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Download Mozilla Firefox Software (free download)

For this course, you should install and use Firefox as your web browser. Firefox is a free program that is very similar to Internet Explorer. It can be downloaded from the Mozilla home page. In the experience of the support people at Jackson State University, students using Firefox will experience fewer technology issues when using Blackboard than those who use Internet Explorer. Mac users should use Safari rather than Firefox. Safari is also a free download and can be acquired at Apple.com.

If you are having difficulty with getting your computer set up correctly, you can call the IT HelpDesk at (601) 979-2069.