IMPACT Program

The Improving and Maximizing Professional Development and Achievement Through Child Care Trainings (IMPACT) Project was developed by Jackson State University’s College of Lifelong Learning. The College of Lifelong Learning established the IMPACT project in

2008 to provide state approved training on the Mississippi Early Learning Guidelines–giving priority to childcare providers in the piloted areas. The purpose of this project is to promote “Ready to Learn” . . . “Quality Early Childhood Education and Care” through quality training and evaluation activities that will have a measurable and observable impact on improving/enhancing the quality of care for children in licensed and/or unlicensed childcare setting. These training activities are designed to enhance as well as develop professional skills of caregivers and/or improve parents’ knowledge of early childhood development.

The IMPACT project will build childcare educators/provider’s knowledge on the Mississippi Early Learning Guidelines in the areas of language, vocabulary, and literacy development; mathematical concepts development; scientific investigation; social/emotional development; and physical development. Childcare teachers and providers will learn specific strategies to improve children’s academic learning to prepare them for upper school environments. This project will also teach childcare providers how to assess, create, and implement the Mississippi Early Learning Guidelines into their classrooms. This project will also work with center directors to learn strategies to motivate their teacher to appropriately implement the Mississippi Early Learning Guidelines into daily learning activities.

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