Marketing (MKT) Course Description


MKT 351 (3) Marketing Management. Prerequisites: ECO 211, Analytical survey of problems encountered by business people in distributing goods and services to markets. Takes a marketing-management approach in solving problems related to product planning, channels of distribution, pricing, advertising, and personal selling. Emphasizes role of consumers in the marketing process. (F, S, Sum)

MKT 432 (3) Advertising. Prerequisite: MKT 351. Advertising as a communications tool in marketing management. Develop an understanding of the role of advertising under diverse marketing conditions. Emphasis will focus on problems of integrated advertising strategy in the firm’s marketing program pertaining to media-selection, budgeting, production and layout, and measurement of effectiveness. Attention will also be given to the social and economics aspects of advertising. (F, S)

MKT 436 (3) Retail Management. Prerequisite: MKT 351. Profit planning and business control; buying, stock control, pricing, promotion; store location/layout organization, policies, systems; coordination of store activities. (F)

MKT 438 (3) Marketing Research. Prerequisites: MKT 351, ECO 357 and 358 (or equivalent statistics courses.) Study of the role of research in marketing decision-making, the research process, including research designs, measurements, data analysis and interpretation. (F)

MKT 440 (3) Consumer Behavior. Prerequisite: MKT 351. Survey of noteworthy contributions of the behavioral sciences to the understanding and prediction of consumer behavior. Contributions of various research techniques in the social sciences to the understanding of consumer purchasing and decision making processes, with particular attention to formal and informal influence patterns. Application of concepts to management of advertising, personal selling, pricing, and channels of distribution. (F)

MKT 446 (3) Marketing to Organizations. Prerequisite: MKT 351. Major activities involved in marketing of industrial goods. Analysis of industrial market structures; habits and motives of industrial purchasers; types of industrial products; pricing problems; distribution channels. Problems in selling to agencies of government. (S)

MKT 448 (3) Marketing Channels. Prerequisite: MKT 351. This course deals with the development of channels/ functional and behavioral dimensions, environmental forces, power, conflict, and communication within the channels. Current and future trends in the development and management of channels are also treated. (S)

MKT 450 (3) Personal Selling. Prerequisite: MKT 351 and senior classification. Personal Selling will recognize that today’s salesperson faces a skeptical, well educated and sophisticated buyer, and that the professional sales person must be far more than a mere purveyor of goods and services. Professional selling will attempt to harmonize techniques and strategies with personality development, so that sales students might move toward their full potential in selling. (F)

MKT 462W (3) Marketing Policies and Strategies. Prerequisites: MKT 351 and nine hours of additional marketing courses and Senior classification. Detailed consideration of process of formulating and implementing marketing policies. Major emphasis on markets distribution channels, and product analysis. Problem approach utilized to develop student’s analytical ability and to integrate all major areas of marketing. (S)

MKT 466 (3) International Marketing. Prerequisite: MKT 351. Institutions, functions, policies, and practices in international marketing relates marketing activities to market and marketing environment. (S)

MKT 468 (3) Services Marketing. Prerequisites: MKT 351, junior or senior classification. An analysis of the benefits offered to customers and the costs that they will incur in return. A study of the problems associated with the marketing of services and an exploration of alternative strategies to resolve the problems and improve service marketing effectiveness. (S)