Jackson State mass comm students win big at 2013 Associated Press Awards competition

April 23rd, 2013 by masscomm

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Shawn Stiff, Kourtney Paige, Reyanna Stowes, Lanis Leggett and Zion Pyatt won awarded in the Associated Press contest on April 20.


By Lynda LeDean

A select group of  students from Jackson State’s University Department of Mass Communications shone brightly at the 2013 Associated Press Awards at the Mississippi Children’s Museum on April 20.

This year’s ceremony brought together outstanding student and professional broadcast talent from throughout the Magnolia State. Representatives from Jackson State University, along with University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State University and the University of Mississippi, attended.

Students competed in the categories of Best College Radio and Best College Television with subcategories for each genre. Winners within the JSU Mass Communications Department were sports reporter Reyanna Stowes and Shawn Stiff for the shows “Sports Hub” and “Before the Whistle.”

“This is an honor for me to win these awards and especially as a sophomore,” Stowes said. ” The awards really motivate me to work even harder towards my goal of becoming a sports reporter for ESPN.”

Also placing in the competition were Zion Pyatt and Andrew Nomura for the news story “ Nolan Ryan Henderson Candle Light Vigil,” a piece that honored the memory of the slain JSU student.

Documentary and feature story winners were students Cammrynn Stith and Lanis Leggett for “We Did It” and “Love for the Green,” which chronicled Stith, who is a member of the JSU Lady Golf Team and her love of the sport. Leggett, who served as director of the piece, was also named the first recipient of the $500 Timothy R. Brown Scholarship Award for the Jackson State University Department of Mass Communications.

“It feels great to be recognized and awarded when doing something that I love,” Leggett said. “I am always thankful to God for everything. I thank Dr. (Sunny) Fridge for having confidence in me to participate in this competition. Also, I am very thankful to my video partner, Cammryn Stith, for collaborating with me on both projects.”

The evening’s big winner, Kourtney C. Paige, took home awards in numerous radio categories including sports, feature story and newscast for WJSU radio. Under the direction of news director L.A. Warren, Paige has won several Associated Press awards and was honored at the ceremony as the first student to receive the $500 Timothy R. Brown Scholarship Award for Radio.

Dr. Sunny Fridge, director of programs and manager of TigerTV, encourages students to participate in the statewide competition each year as a way to show their skills in broadcast journalism on a nationally recognized platform.


Feature Story 3rd Place. Kourtney C. Paige, WJSU, ” Stamps Burgers.”

News Story 1st Place. Kourtney C.Paige, WJSU, ” Mississippi State Student Death”; 2nd Place. Kourtney C. Paige, WJSU, “Hurricane Isaac Entergy”

Newscast 2nd Place. Kourtney C. Paige, WJSU, “Newscast (10-26-12)1”; 3rd Place. Kourtney C. Paige, WJSU, ” Newscast (12-3-12).”

Sportscast, sports story or sports program: 3rd Place. Kourtney C. Paige, WJSU, ” (12-12-12).”

2012 Timothy R. Brown Scholarship Award for Radio: Kourtney C. Paige of Jackson State University.

Best Documentary 1

Best Documentary 2





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