New Chair brings global experience to MC Department

January 19th, 2014 by masscomm

By Jade Hewitt
MC Senior


Dr Ngwainmbi lobbyAfter a four-year, on again-off again search, the Department has a new leader.

Emmanuel Ngwainmbi is not as new as some may think, however. He traveled more than 6,000 miles and across three rivers to Jackson State from Cameroon, a West African country, to further his education, earning a master’s in English/Communication in 1986. He earned a doctorate in Mass Communications five years later from Howard University.

After mastering the fields of English, psychology, communications, and educational management and development, Dr. E. (as he is known to students and faculty) ventured into the work force, traveling across the world. Along the way, he has gained experience as a department chair at Wiley College and Elizabeth City State University. He has also been professor of mass communications, journalism, speech and drama at George Washington, Morgan State, and other universities; lecturer in Europe, Asia and Africa; a poet and author.

It’s no wonder the new chair, fluent in eight languages, is also a senior communications consultant for the United Nations.

So what brings a UN expert back to JSU? Dr. E smiles at the question, answering without hesitation, “It was my desire to give back. It is always better to give than to receive, so why not come back to [my] roots in the U.S.”

The father of two says he has more than one vision for the growth of the department. He wants to “challenge the students to think outside the box,” attract more out-of-state students to the program, make the student body more diverse, and strengthen faculty and staff development. In doing so, the department can become a flagship of communications schools in the South, or the nation, he adds. “Why not dream big?” he asks.

Increasing the number of concentrations and degrees offered is part of his vision. Also, he wants to expose students to international learning opportunities.  Dr. E. is working to strengthen technology to enhance teaching, scholarship, artistic endeavors, and distinguished faculty recruitment. He says he will know his vision has flourished “when everyone is happy.”

Leaving behind a wife and two children in North Carolina, Dr. E admits that this move has been a hard one. “I miss them, and I know that they miss me too,” he says.

Students appreciate the sacrifice he is making. Brianna Brooks, a junior concentrating in multimedia journalism, from Macon, Miss., says she can’t wait to see the changes the new chair has in store. “I think he’s the real deal, and hopefully this will be good for us all.” 

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