Czech native, senior, directing films in Prague

February 28th, 2014 by masscomm

Thirteen years after arriving in the United States as a high school junior foreign exchange student from the Czech Republic, Jaro Vacek expects his persistence to pay off when he receives his mass communications degree from JSU in May. Vacek has completed his course work and is now working as a film director in his native country.
"I was not your typical student," he said. "I did not have the best80 grades always, but I always wanted to do the work. I would tell students to do what you are interested in and what you love so that your work is fulfilling and not just a job to you."
Working for PRAGOFILM, Vacek has been involved in three major productions so far. All three are sequels to earlier children's films that are widely known and beloved to generations of Czechoslovakians, he said. The most recent film, "Saxana a Lexikon Kouzel," (which translates to "Little Witch on a Broomstick") was completed in 2012. Vacek served as the director for "The Making of . . ." companion documentary.

The Art minor gained photography/videography and editing experience while still an MC student with several area media outlets, including The Jackson Free Press, the Associated Press bureau in Jackson, WJSU and JSUTV-23. He credits a number of JSU mass communications alumni with assisting him in his quest to complete his training and earn his degree.

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