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Degree Requirements

The Master’s of Science degree in Mass Communications at Jackson State University offers a specialization in Urban Communication. A review and revision of the current curriculum has begun to develop and include specializations in both media and journalism studies. 

These new curriculums should begin with the Fall 2014 semester. 

Currently, students are required to complete a minimum of 30 to 33 graduate credit hours with a minimum of 21-24 hours earned in residence at Jackson State University.


Master  Of Science Core Requirements

MC 500 Seminar in Mass Communications             

MC 501 Research Methods in Mass Communication                                    

MC 502 Advanced News Reporting                          

MC 506 Seminar-Urban Affairs Reporting       

Total Core Hours                                                                     12



MC 503 Seminar in Mass Media Research

MC 506 Seminar-Urban Affairs Reporting

MC 508 Broadcast Journalism

MC 509 Electronic Newsgathering

MC 520 Minorities and Women In Mass Media

MC 522 Television Production

MC 526 Television Documentary

MC 527 Politics and the Press

MC 529 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Mass Communication

MC 530 Media Management

MC 532 International Journalism

MC 546 Studies In Film Criticism

MC 547 Film as Social and Intellectual History

MC 550 Seminar: Communications Media and Issues In Society

MC 570 Writing for Public Relations

MC 571 Public Relations Practice

MC 572 Corporate Communications

MC 573 Advertising Campaigns

MC 598 Independent Research Project

MC 599 Thesis Writing

To complete the requirements for the Master of Science Degree in Mass Communications, students must select a minimum of 15-18 hours in electives from the 500-level courses in mass communications or other graduate elective courses in another discipline. Normally no more than six hours can be taken outside of mass communications. 


The student’s degree program requires successful completion of the comprehensive exam and a thesis or a project