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Graduation Requirements

In addition to completing at least 124 hours, students are required to:

  • Make an appointment with your advisor for transcript evaluation and signature on form
  • Review transcript to ensure that ALL I’s and grade discrepancies have been cleared up
  • Review transcript for evidence of Undergraduate English Proficiency Exam (UEPE) results; submit a copy
  • Review transcript for evidence of at least 120 community service/service-learning hours
  • Register for and take the GRE; provide receipt to advisor
    • A particular score is not required
    • Visit the GRE website to register
  • Complete online graduation clearance in PAWS
  • Complete Department database update; print confirmation and provide copy to advisor
  • Complete Graduating Seniors Exit Survey; print confirmation
  • Complete Department’s Graduation Clearance Form
  • See administrative assistant for final clearance (compilation of all required documents).