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Internship Requirements

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Q.  What is an internship?

MC 489-80 Internship in Mass Communications course (3 credits) is the professionally supervised course  provided by the Mass Communications Department at Jackson State University. In it, you put to work the knowledge and skills you have learned in the classroom by working off-campus as an intern under a mentor, a full-time industy professional. All students enrolled in MC 489-80 are mandated to submit a copy of their fee receipt, showing that they have paid their fees for the course at the time of registration.

You must be registered for the MC 489-80 during the semester that you do your internship. The course is now offered as an online course. Students must sign up for the Blackboard online orientation class. Students who are unfamiliar with this course management system should sign up for the Blackboard online orientation webinar before the course begins at


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Are there prerequisites for the internship in order to receive academic credit?

Yes.  First of all, you must be a mass communications major or minor.  That is, you must have completed your admissions courses (MC200 and MC201) with a grade of B or higher.

Second, you must have an overall grade point average of 2.5 or higher and completed at least three of the courses in your mass communications area of concentration.  There are three concentrations: integrated marketing communications (IMC), media production and multimedia journalism.

How many times may I register for the internship course?

The MC489-80 Internship in Mass Communications is a required course and is three credit hours. A student may count up to six hours of internship credit toward graduation. Therefore, a student may register no more than two times for the internship course.


How do I apply for an internship and where can I find the application?

Before enrolling for internship credit, a student must complete an application form and be approved for the internship by the Internship Review Board (IRB), which is made up of department faculty and may include a member of the Mass Comm Advisory Council. 

Click here for Internship Application form

You may also pick up an internship application at the Internship Coordinator’s office located in MC100-J at the Mississippi e-Center.  Applications are also available in the Tiger TV newsroom in MC3A of the Mississippi e-Center.

What do I do once I’ve completed the internship application?

Once you’ve completed the internship application, please double check that you have listed on your application whether you will bring a DVD, CD or flash drive or provide the a digital link to your online portfolio or video sharing site (Youtube, Vimeo etc.), so that the Internship Review Board may critique a sample of your student work.

Return the application with a copy of your resume and an unofficial copy of your student academic transcript to the Internship Coordinator in MC100J. Once the Internship Coordinator receives your application and determines that you meet the prerequisites, you will be emailed a date and location for an appointment with the Internship Review Board.  Instructions will also be included within the email on what to expect during your interview.

What should I expect during my interview with the Internship Review Board?

The interview with the Internship Review Board’s includes a mock interview that asks questions similar to what you can expect during an interview with the hiring manager at a company that you plan to do your internship.  It includes a rigorous review of your transcript, resume and work sample critique. Once approved, you will receive an email confirming your internship approval.  The Internship Coordinator will then work to place you at an internship site if you have not already found a company to intern at.  The Internship Coordinator will email an internship approval letter on department letterhead to the human resources or internship contact so that you can make an appointment to schedule an interview with the employer. 


How do I prepare for the internship interview?

Interns should keep in mind that this work experience is of the highest professional character.  A workplace is different from the campus. Men should  wear a business suit or shirt and tie.  Women should wear a dark colored business suit, or conservative blouse and skirt or dress.  Good grooming (neat hair, nails and shoes) and good manners are important attributes of the successful professional.

More information on preparing for your internship interview can be found at


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What will my duties include at my internship?

When an internship is secured the student and site supervisor must complete an Internship Learning Agreement.  It includes a list of learning objectives that include professional experience for the student.  This information is based on your interests and the area you will be interning.   The schedule is to be worked out between you and the Internship site supervisor. The student must return the Internship Learning Agreement by the end of the first week to the Internship Coordinator, who also signs the agreement.

How much time and work is involved at my internship?

Each intern is expected to perform at least nine to 10 hours a week during the fall and spring semester and approximately 30 hours a week during the summer semester for a total of 120 hours.  Additionally, there are several other expectations: There are two papers to be written.  The first one, due about halfway through the internship at the completion of 60 hours. You will do research and an analysis of the structure and function of the organization for which you are working. The report will include interviews with two employees.  The second paper includes a PowerPoint presentation. It is due at the end of the internship and will be a reflection of your internship and should summarize what you have learned from the experience.

 Final Project Portfolio:

At the end of the internship, each student will put together a collection of work ( show scripts, audition demo tape/dvd, press releases, etc.) that can be added to your existing portfolio. The purpose of the portfolio is for the student to have examples of work to show professional ability to a prospective employer. These work samples will be reviewed by the Internship Coordinator/instructor.   The student should also have them reviewed by the Internship site supervisor.

Can a student be paid for their internship?

Yes.  We encourage companies to pay a salary to interns because it creates a genuine employer-employee relationship – one in which the student is motivated to provide a valuable service and can be discharged for failure to perform.  However, all we can do is recommend a salary for interns.  That decision is left to the company in which the intern will be working.


Kachelle prompter wlbtQ.  How will interns be graded?


]The final grade will be determined by the Internship Coordinator, who is also the instructor of record.  In assigning the grade, the Internship Coordinator will take into consideration the recommended grade received from the internship site supervisor (who is asked to rate the performance in a number of areas), the quality of papers, internship portfolio, weekly blogs and other assignments submitted by the intern/student.

Where can I find more information about internships?

Flyers about Internship opportunities are posted on the bulletin boards in the main office of the Mass Communications department.  The website also provides information on more than 50,000 internships across all 50 states.  Please check the Mass Communications department internship website to download forms or find out more information and resources regarding internships:

You are encouraged to follow the Mass Communications Department Internship on Twitter for updates on internships and jobs at @internshipinfo or

 More information about finding and applying for jobs and internships can be found at the JSU Career Services website at

  winston in wlbt studioQ. What else do I need to know?

Promptness, reliability and honesty are extremely important. Interns should report for work at the assigned times, and the professionals with whom they work should come to know them for their reliability and sincere desire to become successful practicing media professionals.You will find that the classroom activity has not taught everything that one needs to know to work in a specific workplace. If there are questions about something or some lack of understanding on how to carry out an assignment, don't be afraid to ask.


The internship experience can be of great value to every student. Many interns find permanent employment with the organizations for whom they intern. Often mentors or other members of those organizations can provide valuable reference for emp.loyment elsewhere. The internship experience usually involves a lot of work, but it also can be fun for both you and the internship employer.

You may contact Internship Coordinator Dr. Sunny Fridge at (601) 979-3601 or to make an appointment and receive more information on the internship experience.