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Mathematics and Statistical Sciences Department.

Jackson State University. Academic Year: 2017-2018.

Departmental Colloquia & Seminars.

Dear colleagues,

The Departmental Colloquium Committee invites you to attend its 2017-2018 academic year’s activities on Friday 02, February 2018 at 3:00 pm, room JSH 103.

Our speaker is Xiaohua Luo a PhD student in Civil Engineering at Jackson State University.



Pavement warranty is an innovative contracting procedure to protect investment in pavement construction and maintenance. The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) initiated pavement warranty program in 2000 and the threshold levels are based on the deduct points that are converted from pavement distress measurements using empirical equations. There have been questions regarding the effectiveness of the pavement warranty programs in Mississippi and in other states as well, and therefore in this study the nonparametric survival analysis method was employed to evaluate the performance of the warranty and non-warranty pavements. Asphalt pavement distress data retrieved from MDOT’s pavement management system (PMS) were used to compare the survival probabilities of warranty and non-warranty pavements during different service time periods. The results showed that the survival probabilities of the warranty pavements were higher than those of the non-warranty pavements, indicating the superior performance of the warranty pavements in Mississippi. This study has provided a practical framework to process skewed dataset and to evaluate the effectiveness of the pavement warranty program and assess the performance of both warranty and non-warranty pavements.


Coordinator:  Dr. B. Diatta.  Associate Professor. Mathematics and Statistical Sciences Department.  Jackson State University. Rm: JSH 244. Tel: 601-979-3760.

Email: bassiru.diatta@jsums.edu



                   Xiaohua Luo Bio

Xiaohua Luo is currently a PhD student in Civil Engineering at Jackson State University and doing research at Maritime Transportation Research and Education Center (MarTREC). Her work and research interests include pavement management system, traffic engineering, and intelligent transportation system. She is doing a project titled “Update and Documentation of MDOT Warranty Process and Distress Thresholds” supporting by Mississippi DOT. She had made a presentation titled “Survival Analysis of Warranty and Non-warranty Pavement Performance Using Pavement Management System Data” in 97th TRB annual meeting.