Mississippi Learning Institute

Young Males of Color

The Mississippi Learning Institute (MLI) has established its role as the preeminent mechanism for change, relating to issues of Young Males of Color.  Through funding from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, MLI supports numerous Young Males of Color (YMoC) initiatives such as Call Me MISTER™, College Bound Scholars (CBS) and Helping Single Mothers with Sons or S.T.A.R.S. (“Sistas” Teaching and Raising Sons), and Dropout Prevention programs in local public schools.

MLI works collaboratively to serve the community with its many partners including City of Jackson, Clemson University, Jackson Public School District, MS Department of Education, National Dropout Prevention Center, National Institute for School Leaders, and 100 Black Men. MLI seeks to build capacity and increase partnerships among educators and families, civic and social organizations, and community agencies and business to create a statewide network of high performing schools and engaging communities to accelerate and motivate young males of color. To this end, MLI plans to build systems of support throughout the community for underserved young males of color and improve leadership development and teacher training to ignite collaboration and innovation.

  • The College Bound Scholar (CBS) program is designed to provide selected JPS schools with a mentor mechanism that cultivates student growth. Our purpose is to equip communities in need of mentorship with the knowledge needed to stimulate change and intellectual growth in the young males of color from those communities. Our goal is to assist Young Males of Color (YMoC) with avoiding the pitfalls of adolescence and identity by: 

    • Objective 1. Provide effective training and preparation to YMoC regarding the expected traits, attitudes and behaviors of positive and productive men.
    • Objective 2. Provide access to adult male role models to pattern behaviors and ideology.
    • Objective 3. Promote effective skill development, coping strategies and goal setting strategies.