Checking In

August 16th, 2013 by webmaster


1.  Arrive during your recommended check in day and time period.
2.  Follow the directions of posted signs, JSU Public Safety and university volunteers.
3.  Check-in at your Residence Hall lobby with a Residence Life Staff member.
4.  Move into your room.
5.  Return to your room to finish unpacking and arranging.
6.  Get your student I.D. on the 3rd floor of the Student Center.
7.  Enjoy time with your family and new friends.
8.  Check your “Welcome Week” schedule for additional activities.




Everyone should bring:

- An alarm clock
- Pillow
- Mattress Cover/pad
- Sheets
- Blanket
- Bedspread or comforter
- Towels
- Shower shoes, shower cap, robe
- Laundry bag/basket, detergent, bleach, etc
- Iron and ironing board
- Clothes hangers, etc.
- Small trashcan and trash can liners
- Mop, broom, dustpan, and other cleaning supplies
- Cable Cord
- Health Insurance Card
- Personal Property Insurance (highly recommended)
- Computer/laptop (optional)
- Television (portable and cable ready)
- Radio or small stereo (optional)
- Plastic Containers (for potato chips, cereal, cookies, etc.)

Other recommended items:

- Cell phone
- Throw rugs
- Photographs
- Small plants
- Room deodorizers (not incense)
- A small lamp
- Flashlight
- A trunk with lock
- Storage boxes, etc.



- Microwaves
- Halogen lamps or halogen bulbs of any kind
- Hotplate, skillet, toaster, toaster over, rice cooker, George Foreman grill, or similar cooking or high     wattage appliances with exposed surfaces
- Pets
- Air conditioner or space heater
- Candles/incense
- Weapons
- Alcohol and alcohol paraphernalia



- Don’t over pack – Be aware that students have limited space in their residence hall rooms and only one car load is strongly recommended. Rental trucks, trailers, and moving vans are not permitted. Delivery companies will not be permitted to deliver until after 5 p.m. on each move-in day. Furniture provided in residence hall rooms must remain in the rooms. To view a virtual tour of your room assignment, please visit Parents can help guard against property loss or damage by carrying renter’s insurance on your student.
- Be sure all your belongings are contained in boxes – Loose items are easily dropped or lost.  Please make every effort to pack all your belongings inside boxes or containers.  That includes hanging clothes, toiletries, shoes, etc.
- Label your boxes – We will do our best to make sure your belongings make to your room but please make that process easy on our move-in crew by labeling every box and every item you are moving into your room with your name and your room number
Be patient!

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