Post Office Packages

August 16th, 2013 by webmaster

For Move-In Day the campus Post Office will be open from 10 a.m.- noon in the J. R. Reddix Hall.

Each student is provided a mailbox, which also is located in the J. R. Reddix Hall.  All students who reside on campus are required to have a post office box. Mail and packages sent to students from family and friends should be addressed as follows:

John R. Doe (student’s name (including middle initial)
JSU Box number
Jackson, MS 39217

UPS, Airborne, and Federal Express packages may be picked up in the Campus Post Office Located in Reddix Hall. Packages should contain the following information:

Student’s name (including middle initial)
Residence Hall in which the student resides
Room Number or telephone number
1325 Hattiesburg Street
Jackson, MS 39217

To ensure the package reaches the proper destination and person, never use nicknames, or send a package in any name but the student’s name. For details, call 601-979-2051

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