Bring it/Leave it

What to bring:

▪   An alarm clock

▪   Pillow

▪   Mattress Cover/pad (Please note that University Pointe buildings 4-10 have Full XL mattresses and some Tiger Pointe rooms have queen-sized mattresses). 

▪   Sheets

▪   Blanket

▪   Bedspread or comforter

▪   Towels

▪   Shower shoes, shower cap, robe

▪   Laundry bag/basket, detergent, bleach, etc

▪   Iron and ironing board

▪   Clothes hangers, etc.

▪   Small trash can and trash can liners

▪   Mop, broom, dustpan, and other cleaning supplies

▪   Cable Cord

▪   Health Insurance Card

▪   Personal Property Insurance (highly recommended)

▪   Computer/laptop (optional)

▪   Television (portable and cable ready)

▪   Radio or small stereo (optional)

▪   Plastic Containers (for potato chips, cereal, cookies, etc.)

▪   Immunization Records.


Other recommended items:

▪   Cell phone

▪   Throw rugs

▪   Photographs

▪   Small plants

▪   Room deodorizers (not incense)

▪   A small lamp

▪   Flashlight

▪   A trunk with lock

▪   Storage boxes, etc.


What NOT to Bring

(Items may be subject to confiscation by Housing and Residence Life staff)

▪   Microwaves

▪   Halogen lamps or halogen bulbs of any kind

▪   Hotplate, skillet, toaster, toaster over, rice cooker, George Foreman grill, or similar cooking or high     wattage appliances with exposed surfaces

▪   Pets

▪   Air conditioner or space heater

▪   Candles/incense

▪   Weapons

            ▪   Alcohol or drugs including paraphernalia


Please note that items that are allowed may be subject to confiscation from Housing and Residence Life staff.