Executive Director’s Message

Our vision is for the Mississippi Urban Research Center to become a premier center for urban research and service. And, MURC's past provides a firm foundation for progress towards this vision. MURC's Research unit collaborated with the Mississippi Office of the Attorney General to implement Project Safe Neighborhoods, conducted studies to help identify predictors of crime, established a U. S. Census Information Center, and has established a telephone survey unit with the capacity to survey 3,000 households monthly. MURC's Contractual Services unit is positively impacting evaluation within community-based organizations. We are helping these organizations redefine why and how they deliver services. 

Collaborations with research faculty members at Jackson State University, Brown University, the University of California at Los Angeles, The University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State University, The University of Mississippi Medical Center, and Tulane University; as well as with RAND, Inc.; and the recent appointment of Dr. Sam Mozee, Jr. as associate director for research in the Research unit document our progress toward the vision. Furthermore, our biannually published, peer-reviewed Online Journal of Rural and Urban Research features interesting, educational and thought-proving original research articles and commentaries on a variety of today’s major urban and rural issues. I invite you to view the OJRUR at http://jsumurc.org/ojs. Excitement is high; morale is excellent; competence is second to none; and commitment is unbelievable. We are working for a new day!

Melvin Davis, Ph.D.
Executive Director