Official JSU Logos and Graphic Standards




There are FIVE basic rules that should be followed when

using registered wordmarks and logos:

1. Always follow the trademark with the generic designation

of the product, for example “Jackson State®”, “Home of

the Tigers”;

2. Use correct typographical treatment. Trademarks;

3. Use correct grammar. A trademark should not be used with a noun, verb or in the plural form;

4. Use the trademark in the same form as it is registered; and

5. Always follow a registered trademark with a ®.

Following these practices in internal communications develops a habit not likely to be broken in other correspondences. Registered wordmarks and logos can be used on or appear in various displays, advertising, institutional stationery, envelopes, business cards, university uniforms, even as signage. Improper usage can literally destroy a registered trademark. Under federal laws, an owner’s rights to a registered trademark can be forfeited when the conduct of the owner, either through omission or commission, causes the mark to lose its significance as indication of origin.

Therefore, despite the various preferences among our authorized vendors and users, it is critical that we adhere to JSU® guidelines.


The official University Name is Jackson State University®. When referring to Jackson State University® in text, use “Jackson State University®” for your first mention.

All subsequent mentions may be stated as “Jackson State®” or the acronym “JSU®”. The use of the acronym that is not recognized by some audiences outside the University community could have other claims for example: Jacksonville State University (JSU®).

Approval may be granted for the use of JSU® name through the Office of Contractual Services if the following conditions are met:

1. Use of general context;

2. No direct or implied endorsement by JSU® is created;

3. No apparent liability is created by JSU®;

4. No conflicts of interest or ethical issues appear present; and

5. Perceived use has a positive or neutral effect on JSU® image

Jackson State University® is a registered wordmark. The official university name should be written and displayed as followed:

Jackson State University®

Jackson State®



The official Seal of Jackson State University® from 1877 should be reserved for official documents, including diplomas, trustee minutes or other legal, academic or official

University documentation, such as letterhead, or on the highest awards or certificates.

The official University Seal should not be altered, misrepresented or distorted.

This symbol displays an image of “Excellence” in its prestigious boundaries. The University

Seal should be printed in black or blue ink only, with the exception in instances when printing the seal on t-shirts, pens, portfolios, invitations and business cards, the colors gold or

silver may be used with approval. Please be reminded that the red flame on the torch was in celebration of the “Centennial Year in 1977″ and should not be used in any representation of the University Seal.

The official University Seal is a registered trademark of Jackson State University®.



The official Jackson State University® colors are Pantone Matching System blue (PMS) 282 and white with the accent color gray (PMS) 423.

Red is not an official color and should not be used in any representation of the University.

All official stationery, envelopes, business cards, university uniforms, signs, paraphernalia, mascot, motor vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, motor coaches, shuttle buses) and various wordmarks should consistently use the official colors of the University.

Official Mottos

“Challenging Minds, Changing Lives”

Official Name Of Jackson State® Band

“The Sonic Boom of the South”

The Sonic Boom of the South Marching Band Theme


“Get Ready”

Official University Fight Song

Cheer Boys”

University Alma Mater

“Jackson Fair”




The official University Mascot is a ferocious leaping “Blue Bengal” Tiger. The tiger is white with blue (PMS 301) stripes.



The official University Athletic Logo is the Flying J with the ferocious leaping “Blue Bengal” Tiger. The tiger is white with blue (PMS 301) stripes. The bar is black or blue (PMS 301) with reverse lettering that spells Jackson State University®. The bar extends to the right through the letter “J” and under the letters “S & U“. A leaping tiger is along the far right end of the bar with the registered indication (®) just below at the same end.




The use of the JSU® logo, mascot, seal, or any other logos on letterhead or in any other publications, shall be used according to the guidelines set forth in the manual. The colleges, departments and offices must submit a Logo Use Form for approval prior to sales or distribution.

The use of JSU® on or in connection with items offered for sale, in association with the name, logo or other indicia of any non-JSU® entity or otherwise for commercial purposes shall be subject to a license agreement between the external entity and JSU®.

All University colleges/departments/offices may use the University name in its title, publications, or letterhead to show its status as a college/department/office within the University.

The college/department/office may not use the name in a manner that will create confusion between it and the University. It may not use the name in a manner that would in any way constitute an endorsement, approval or underwriting of any organization, product, activity, service or contract by Jackson State University®.

Should an item bearing the trademarks of the University be sold to anyone other than the employed staff of that college/department/office, it becomes a commercial use of the mark and is subject to a license agreement.

For example, if the college/department/office decides to sell a T-Shirt bearing the University marks as a fund-raiser, the manufacturer of the item is obligated to enter into a royalty bearing license agreement through the Office of Contractual Services-Licensing Program.

This office approves all artwork and designs, as well as the quality of the product prior to its distribution.


1. Usually printed on white 24lb., 25% cotton bond paper with PMS 301 blue ink. A watermark of the University Seal also appears in the center. Additionally, blue or ivory writing paper is also used for printing stationery.

2. University Seal is centered on the page. The wordmark Jackson State University® (Name and University Seal are always dominant), city, state, zip-code centered. The College/Office/Department’s name should be placed on the left. The phone number and/or fax number should be placed on the right.

3. Envelopes should bear the Colleges/Departments/Offices name and return address only. The Flying J with reverse lettering should be used along with the areas of expertise, where possible.

4. Currently, there are several instances where blue, ivory and grey papers have been used for stationery. At this writing, it is recommended that ALL official stationery for the university be white, 24lb., 25% cotton bond with a watermark of the University Seal in the center. This stock shall be printed in blue ink (PMS 301).


The use of the Flying J is recommended for all other colleges/departments/offices for that purpose.


1. Printed on white or IVORY 65lb., card stock with blue ink (PMS 301), and embossed (plain or gold foil).

2. It is recommended that the University Seal be preserved for use by the President, her cabinet, and any other designees she may deem necessary.

3. If approved by the President, Deans may use the University Seal.

4. Business cards should include name, area where employed, title, address (post office box number must be included along with the zip + 4 designation), city, state, phone number, fax number, and e-mail addresses.


The use of the Flying J is recommended for all other colleges/departments/offices for that purpose.



Name badges currently offered on campus range from computer generated, pin-style with vinyl covers to permanently printed ones on hard plastic. The hard plastic can be produced in an array of colors with a number of fasteners.

For more information regarding JSU Trademark Licensing, call (601)979-1065.