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Note: Closed August 31 & September 1 in observance of Labor Day:

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Important Information Regarding the Payton Center

December 13th, 2013 by webmaster

- Membership prices are: $25.00 for community members, $20.00 for faculty & staff, $20.00 for Civic Services/ State employees, and $65.00 for family plan (no more than 4 members)

- Classes range from Step Aerobics, African Dance Aerobics, Zumba, March Aerobics, Old School Spin and Beginner’s Spin classes

All promotion special membership prices and change in operational hours will be noted on our website at www.jsums.edu/paytoncenter

Billing is ALWAYS drafted through Checking, Savings and Debit transactions between the 1st & 5th of EVERY month.

Please present a photo i.d. every time you use the Wellness Center. If the turnstile displays an alert of any kind, please see a Wellness Center staff member to check the status of your account. If you forget your card, a Membership Verification form must be completed before using the facility. 

Membership renewal (a re-verification of contact & payment information) takes place once a year during your birthday month. An exercise specialist will re-measure height, weight and blood pressure and ask you to re-verify your health information. Your card will “Reject” at the card reader to remind you to “Renew”.

Allowing others to use your photo i.d. and/or membership is strictly prohibited. 

Please wipe down the equipment after use. Gym Wipes are located in the SAC area.

Please do not rest on the weight equipment between exercise sets. 

WPC Towels are now complimentary with I.D. Towels must be returned upon departure of the facility. A charge of $15.00 will be billed to your WPC membership account per lost/ non-returned towel. Towels are available at the Equipment Services station.

Lockers are available for reservation use only. WPC will provide the locker space and the WPC members, will, in turn, provide personal locks. WPC facility locks will be placed on all lockers until they are rented. Monthly Locker reservations are $5.00 and daily locker reservations are $1.00. All lockers reservations are on a first come, first served basis. 

All group fitness classes are included in the membership with the exception of some specialty classes. Schedules are available on the Information Board and/or the Walter Payton Recreation & Wellness Center website. 

Personal Training, Specialized Boot Camps and Massage Therapy are available at additional costs. Information on each is available at the Welcome Center and Information in the lobby. 

Members may bring a guest. There is a $10 fee and a completed Guest Application is required before entering the facility. 

Members may NOT park their vehicles in first (7) parking slots at the Walter Payton Recreation & Wellness Center. These spaces are RESERVED 24-hours for professional staff only. 

Lost items that are turned in are kept in the Welcome Center for 1 week before being taken to the Jackson State University’s Department of Public Safety. 

Membership contracts are yearly contracts, and are considered open-ended without any cancellation notification before the year of initial installment is completed.

There is a $50 cancellation fee to all patrons whom wish to cancel their membership before the completion of their first annual contract.  

If you have any questions concerning the Membership Services, please feel free to contact our Business Manager, Ms. Alla Jeanae Frank (601) 979-1648 or alla.j.frank@jsums.edu

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