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Upcoming Events

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Member Services

**New Membership options and fees in effect January 12, 2015.

7 Day Free Trial for non-members. Try it out today! Visit Membership Services for more information.

In order to better serve you, the WPC is requesting that all current members update their contact information in our system. This way we can keep you up to date on policy changes, upcoming events and new programs and services. To update your information, please visit Membership Services in the Walter Payton Center, located to the left upon entering the facility.

New Policies:

Membership Minor Policy
Ages 6 – 15: Direct supervision in the facility, cannot use the fitness floor (cardio and weightlifting equipment) or participate in any group fitness classes (unless specified as youth fitness classes).

Ages 16-18: Indirect Supervision, can use all areas of the facility with parent or guardian. 

Age 18 and older can use all areas of the facility without supervison. 

New Locker Policy & Maintenance
In order to rent a locker you will need to pay a monthly fee of $10 and purchase a lock from the ProShop (only $2). After you purchase your lock, it is yours to keep. If you are not interested in renting a monthly locker, you may purchase a lock at the ProShop (or bring your own) and use one of our specified 'Daily Use Lockers' for free as long as you take your belonging and your lock with you when you leave. If left over night, they will be cut off and your belongings will be bagged and tagged.

For maintenance and cleaning purposes, we are asking that all patrons who are currently renting lockers empty all contents of said lockers before our annual facility shutdown. The WPC will be under construction for just under a week once a year for capital improvements, maintenance and a deep cleaning. We appreciate your future cooperation and understanding.

New locker policies and procedures will be addressed prior the facility shutdown in May 2015. 

New Waiver to Sign & Photo on File
The WPC has a new waiver that all patrons must sign upon entering the facility. In addition, we will be updating our software and will need a new photo to keep on file for security purposes. This will be a one-time process, but we ask that you please allow for some processing time during your next visit.

In order to continue your membership without interruption, please call Membership Services at 601-979-1368 or visit us at the WPC today to update your account and payment information in our system.

Don’t forget to stop by for a tour and see all that is coming soon!


For more information:

Membership Services