Dr. Leniece T. Smith, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor of Political Science

Email: leniece.t.smith@jsums.edu

Phone: 601.979.7072

Location: LIB 321






  • The University of Chicago, Political Science, Ph.D., June 2005
  • The University of Chicago, Political Science, M.A., June 1999
  • University of Washington, Political Science, B.A., June 1997



  • African-American Political Attitudes & Behavior
  • Race & the Politics of Race
  • Media & Politics
  • Political Corruption



  • American Government & Politics
  • Urban Politics
  • Blacks and the American Political System
  • The Politics of Dissent
  • Race & Racism
  • Black Culture & Politics



  • Southern Political Science Association
  • The Mississippi Political Science Association



  • Titani-Smith, Leniece. (2017) “Benefit or Burden? The Influence of Religious Affiliation and

Attendance on African-American Immigration Attitudes,” submitted to Western Journal of Black Studies. (Under Review 2017).

  • Titani-Smith, Leniece “Bad for Blacks? African-American Attitudes toward Latino Immigration”

(In Progress)

  • Titani-Smith, Leniece & Rickey Hill. “The Racial Contract: The Case of Ferguson,

Missouri.” In Out of the Fire: Readings in Africana Studies. Forthcoming 2017.

(Book Chapter)

  • Titani-Smith, Leniece. (2016). “Chicago Dailies’ Framing of Corruption: ‘Operation Haunted

Hall’” Illinois Political Science Review.  Volume 2016.

  • Titani-Smith, Leniece, Nicole Denise Lewis, John Maynie, Kaylon McCou, Roland Swanson &

Raylanakeish Williams. (2013). “I’m Black and I’m Proud”: The Centrality of Race and

Racial Regard at an HBCU. A Pilot Study.  The Researcher An Interdisciplinary Journal,

Vol. 26, No. 2.

  • Byron D. Orey, Athena M. King, Leniece Titani-Smith & Boris E. Ricks. (2013). “Black

Opposition to Progressive Racial Policies and the “Double (Non) Consciousness,”

Journal of Race and Policy, Vol. 66.

  • “Conservative but Not Republican: The Paradox of Party Affiliation and Ideology.” American 

Review of Politics. Forthcoming December 2017.

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  • “The New Black Politician: Corey Booker, Newark and Post Racial America,” Journal of Politics,

Vol. 75, No. 04, e40, 2013.

  • “Painting Dixie Red: When, Where, Why, and How the South Became Republican,”

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